Central Coast Cannabis Council's General Meeting 4.22.19

Central Coast Cannabis Council's general meeting last night was an insight into the legal market of cannabis. The president of CCCC, Adam Laurent, led the meeting. First, introductions of new faces were made with about 5 guests joining the expanding organization. Then, the discussion of hemp and CBD started. Discussing what is legal and how to best move forward with this emerging industry. Members discussed how our organization has already helped them move forward legally and profitably and who to talk to about specific areas of interest.

Moving on to our involvement in the appeal process at the Board of Supervisors hearings. Adam reiterated how important our organization is for these crucial moments in SLO history. We discussed different policies and strategies for helping to keep growing the industry in a positive direction rather than let it stagnate or backtrack. With a lot of temporary licenses being expired and hardly any being issued it has become invaluable to try to keep on top of the steps to take to remain legal and operating.

Knowing the updated policies and what might be changing is an important part of the industry right now. Joining the Central Coast Cannabis Council is just the place to start gathering great information from trusted sources! Come to our next meeting to be a part of the discussion May 6th at 6PM at Spikes Pub!


CCCC meeting April 22

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