Adam Laurent – Founding Board Member

Adam Laurent Board Member of Central Coast Cannabis Council is co-owner of Pilothouse Management, providing project and operations management solutions for agricultural and cannabis startups.

Some of Adam's recent enterprise efforts include owning Agile Business Advisors, a strategy and innovation consultancy. He co-founded Optimized Athlete, a digital health and performance company. And he is co-founder and co-producer at Shelter Cove Productions, creating and delivering to market the film festival winning documentary, Personal Gold.

He came to the business world as an elite athlete, who’s cycling career produced several world championship medals and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to represent the United States in the Olympic Games. Opportunities unfolded projects ranging from product and brand consulting, research and development, industrial design and manufacturing, to work on creative teams of global marketing campaigns.

Adam has participated in every level of private enterprise. With the wisdom gained in that span, he seeks to energize his clients with a commitment to optimizing the human experience contained within his projects. Equally, a background in finance has shaped a full array of analytic skills. He can nimbly engage both the business metrics and the human components of commerce. His clear big-picture vision and prolific creativity allow for key insights and significant breakthroughs in the projects he engages. His detail oriented nature assures a comprehensive approach.

The object, as far as Adam is concerned, has always been to improve performance, and to improve the experience of its pursuit.

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