Call to Action for Bill SB 67

Central Coast Cannabis Council is working hard to keep you informed with other activists in the state. Please do your part and participate in helping us move the industry forward in a positive direction for us all! Reach out to your local Senator to ensure our voices are heard on Bill SB 67. The more of us take part the more we can impact a positive change. To know more information on Bill SB 67 click the link to get the full text.


Listed below are the steps to follow to ensure every one of our Senators know how to vote on SB 67 tomorrow.

Step One: Locate your Senator in the link below

Step Two: Find your rep's phone number (they aren't always easily accessible). ***The Senator’s phone numbers are 916-651-40XX, where XX is their district number as two digits. For example, Richard Pan in Sacramento is District 6, so his office number is 916-651-4006, while Scott Wiener in San Francisco is District 11, so his office number is 916-651-4011.

Step Three: Have the name of our City and your Zip Code ready.

Step Four: Call between the hours of 9am-5pm and say the following-
“Hi, my name is <first and last name>, and I’m a constituent of Senator <Last Name> living in <city> with the following zipcode <zip>. I would like to register my support for a bill— are you ready to take that down? <wait> I would like to register my support for SB 67, the McGuire cannabis licensing bill, which received bipartisan support in committee and will be up for a vote on the floor tomorrow. I support SB 67 because <reasons>. Please let Senator <Last Name> know that their constituents in the cannabis industry are counting on their vote tomorrow. Thank you for your time.”

Step Five: Encourage everyone you know to follow this exact process.

***Please do not call Senator McGuire's office because it's his bill and please do not call the offices of any other Senators but your own as those are the only ones that will be recorded. Today is just about engaging each and every one of our representatives in order to help support McGuire's efforts on this urgent issue.

SLO City Permits Announced Today

SLO City Permits Announced Today!

Congratulations and welcome the 5 new SLO City Permit holders!

Today, the city of San Luis Obispo issued 5 contingent operator permits to cannabis businesses. Of these 5 businesses three will be retail storefronts, one delivery service (non-storefront) and one microbusiness (non-storefront). During the application process there were a total of 12 cannabis business applicants for SLO City operator permits. As the result of a scoring system based on merit five finalists were chosen. Once the 5 finalists undergo comprehensive background checks they will be issued Official Cannabis Business Operator Permits!

A huge congratulations to the 5 SLO City Permit holders:
  • Megan's Organic Market
  • Natural Healing Center - SLO
  • Elemental Wellness
  • Coastal Delivery SLO, LLC
  • Element 7 San Luis Obispo

This is such an exciting time for San Luis Obispo and we are happy to welcome these cannabis businesses into the community!

Central Coast Cannabis Council cannot wait to help move the cannabis industry forward in SLO!

To get all of the information please visit SLO City website.




We have just been given knowledge that the SLO County BOS will attempt to ban ALL outdoor cultivation this afternoon. We need everyone to get down here to the County Government Center at 1055 Monterey St, San Luis Obispo, 93408.


Help us voice our opinions and save our industry!

The New Congress Cannabis meeting has been Scheduled.

Congress cannabis

The New Congress Cannabis meeting has been Scheduled. Thanks to Forbes for reporting on this ground breaking event.

“This hearing is historic for cannabis policy reform advocates, business owners and the banking sector, and could directly lead to the first in what is hopefully a series of positive changes in the 2019 legislative cycle,” Morgan Fox, media relations director for the National Cannabis Industry Association, said in an email. “Allowing banks to work with cannabis businesses more easily will benefit public safety, increase transparency, provide more financing options for small businesses and communities that have been targeted by prohibition, and help companies thrive so they can further displace the illicit market.”

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